National sexual and reproductive health day

!/images/102.jpg (Poster for National Sexual and Reproductive Health Day)!

February 12, 2006 is the fourth annual National Reproductive and Sexual Health Day. “Celebrate with activities”: from the Canadian Federation for Sexual Health!

The theme for this year is “It’s Your Choice, Use Your Voice!” The focus is on bringing up a sexually healthy generation, which includes:

* opening communication about sexuality,
* keeping yourself informed about sexual health issues, and
* passing on your knowledge to others.

Sexual and reproductive health is a core aspect of our identity and an important part of our overall health and wellbeing, throughout our lives. Sexual and Reproductive Health Day is an excellent time to reflect on how we can create sexually healthy individuals and communities, who are comfortable speaking about and expressing their sexuality.

National SRH Day is coordinated by the “Canadian Federation for Sexual Health”: with the support of the “Canadian Health Network”:

If you have any questions or want to find out more about sexual and reproductive health, “contact us”:/about/contact/ at the Island Sexual Health Society.

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