Cervical cap

The cervical cap is a small, dome shaped, latex barrier that fits directly over a woman’s “cervix”:/body/female/#cervix and prevents pregnancy by blocking sperm from entering her “uterus”:/body/female/#uterus.

h3. Cervical caps are hard to find

A doctor needs to fit you for the right cap size, and then you can purchase it. It is now hard to find a place that sells cervical caps and we no longer have any stock at our clinic.

You might be able to find the cap online. Try “oves.com”:http://www.oves.com.

h3. Cervical caps must be used with spermicide

The cervical cap must be used with “spermicide”:/birthcontrol/spermicide because its failure rate is high with typical use (20-40% depending on whether you’ve given birth), however, “spermicides can increase your risk”:/birthcontrol/spermicide/#n9-risks of sexually transmitted “infections”:/infections/.

The cap must be inserted at least 30 minutes before intercourse and left in place for at least 8 hours after.

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