Vasectomy (surgical sterilization for males)

A vasectomy is a simple, permanent surgical procedure in which a man’s sperm duct is blocked or closed to prevent sperm from entering the ejaculate. The procedure takes approximately 10-15 minutes and is usually done under a local anesthetic in a doctor’s office.

To get a vasectomy, you will need a referral to either a urologist or a general practitioner who specializes in this area. “Contact our clinic”:/about/contact/ for help finding a doctor in Greater Victoria.

A vasectomy is a *permanent* form of birth control and is therefore only recommended for men who are certain they don’t want to have any more children, ever.

h3. Vasectomies are highly effective with few complications

Benefits of the vasectomy as a method of birth control include:

* Simple procedure with few complications, and the recovery time is quick
* Highly effective, and permanent
* Free for men who have coverage with the British Columbia Medical Services Plan
* No significant long term side effects, no interference with intercourse and no issues with compliance (nothing to remember)

h3. Vasectomies do not affect ejaculation or virility

A vasectomy causes no changes in a man’s ability to ejaculate as sperm make up less than 5% of the total volume of semen. After the procedure, the rate of sperm production will decrease and those that are produced will die and be reabsorbed by the body- just as they would in an unvasectomized male who did not ejaculate.

Vasectomy has no effect on a man’s virility as the procedure doesn’t affect the testes production of testosterone. Sex drive, potency, male characteristics and sexual pleasure will remain the same.

Many men report improved sexuality after a vasectomy as the risk for pregnancy has been permanently eliminated.

h3. Vasectomy should be considered carefully

The decision to have a vasectomy can be complex. Take time to talk to your partner and discuss your thoughts and concerns openly and honestly.

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