“A Womb With A View” Film Fest

UVic Women’s Studies Equity and Outreach Committee and Women’s Studies Course Union present A Womb with a View: An Exploration of Reproductive Choice Through Film. February 5-7th, 2008, UVic – various locations. Admission by donation.

Tuesday, February 5th, 2008
Engineering and Computer Science Building, Room 125
5:00pm: Abortion: Stories from North and South
A documentary exploring legal, cultural, religious, and experientialperspectives on abortion in various times and places across the globe: Ireland, Peru, Colombia, Thailand, Japan, and Canada.

7:30pm: Vera Drake
This feature film tells the story of Vera Drake, a wife, mother, and covert abortionist living in post-WW2 England. Vera’s life changes dramatically when her illegal activities are found out by the local authorities.

Wednesday, February 6th, 2008
Elliot Building, Room 168
5:00pm: Rain Without Thunder
Set in the United States in 2042, this futuristic film follows a reporter as she attempts to make a documentary about the trial of a mother and daughter who escaped illegally to Europe to seek an abortion.

7:30pm: Parsley Days
Parsley Days is a funny and cute Canadian film set in Halifax. It tells the story of Kate, a bike mechanic who plans to break-up with her long-term boyfriend and sex educator, Ollie. But after she discovers she is pregnant with an unwanted fetus, Kate’s decision to break up with Ollie becomes complicated.

Thursday, February 7th, 2008
Elliot Building, Room 167
5:00pm: Jane: An Abortion Service
A documentary about Jane, an underground abortion service operated by a group of radical women in 1970s Chicago when abortion providers and seekers were still being criminalized murderers.

7:30pm: Citizen Ruth
Citizen Ruth pokes fun at both the anti-choice and pro-choice positions.
As Ruth, the stereotype of an unfit mother, goes through her pregnancy, she gains the attention of pro-choice and anti-choice groups who seek to sway her in their favour.

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