Reading List

h3. The books we like:

Many of these books should be available to borrow through your local public library or you can purchase them through your local booksellers as well.

*For Parents*

* _The New Speaking of Sex: What Your Children Need to Know and When They Need to Know it._ By Meg Hickling.
* _Meg Hickling’s Grown-Up Sex_ By Meg Hickling.
* _Sex & Sensibility._ By Deborah Roffman.
* _From Diapers to Dating: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Sexually Healthy Children._ By Debra Haffner
* _Beyond the Bird and the Bees: Fostering Your Child’s Healthy Sexual Develoment in Today’s World._ By Beverly Engel.
* _My teen has had sex._ By Maureen E Lyon and Christina Brenda Antonaides
*_The Transgender Child: A handbook for Families and Professionals._ By Stephanie Brill And Rachel Pepper

*For Preschool and Primary Children*

* _Amazing You._ By Gail Saltz
* _Boys, Girls and Body Science._ By Meg Hickling
* _It’s Not the Stork._ By Robie Harris
* _The Bare Naked Book._ By Kathy Stinson
* _Belly Buttons are Navels._ By Mark Schoen
* _The Very Touching Book._ By Jan Hindman
* _Where Did I Come From?_ By Peter Mayle
* _What’s The Big Secret?_ By Laurie Brown
* _It’s So Amazing._ By Robie Harris

*Same-Sex Families*

* _And Tango Makes Three._ By Just Richardsons
* _Asha’s Mums._ By Rosamund Elwin and Michelle Paulse
* _A Tale of Two Daddies_ By Vanita Oelschalger
* _Daddy, Papa, and Me._ By Leslea Newman
* _King & King_ By Linda De Haan
* _Molly’s Family_ By Nancy Garden
* _Mommy, Mama and Me._ By Leslea Newman
* _Mom+Mum are getting married_ By Ken Setterington
* _The Different Dragon._ By Jennifer Bryan
* _ Uncle Bobby’s Wedding_ By Sarah Prarinen

Gender Exploration

*_10,000 Dresses_ By Marcus Ewert and Rex Ray
*_William’s Doll_ By Charlotte Zolotow
*_The Family Book_ By Todd Parr

*For Children in Puberty*

* _It’s Perfectly Normal._ By Robie Harris
* _What’s Happening to Me?_ By Peter Mayle
* _Puberty Boy._ By Geoff Price
* _Puberty Girl._ By Shushann Movsessian
* _Sex, Puberty, and all that Stuff._ By Jacqui Bailey
* _What’s Happening to My Body_ book for boys. By Lynda Madaras
* _What’s Happening to My Body_ book for girls. By Lynda Madaras

*For Older Teens*

* _S.E.X._ By Heather Corrina
* _Virgin Sex for Girls._ By Dr. Darcy Luadzers
* _Virgin Sex for Boys._ By Dr. Darcy Luadzers
* _The Little Black Book for Girlz._ St. Stephen’s Community House
* _The Little Black Book for Boyz._ St. Stephen’s Community House

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