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Although Implanon or Nexplanon® (aka birth control implants) insertion is not currently available in Canada, we are able to offer removal of implants for existing users by appointment only at our Quadra Street clinic.

Implanon removals are done using local anesthetic usually in a single appointment. If users are wanting to discuss other birth control options, another appointment may be required.

When booking an appointment, please indicate that you require implant removal so enough appointment time will be allocated. Currently, we only have one health care professional who is trained to perform removals so appointment time is limited. If you are intending to conceive following your removal, please also indicate when booking your appointment.

Implant removals are not covered by your BC medical plan; a removal fee of $200 will apply.

For website users outside of Canada, here’s a link to Merck’s patient page on Nexplanon.