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“Call us”:/about/locations/ and we will recommend a Victoria doctor who can fit you for a diaphragm.

Cervical cap

2006 May 23

Cervical caps are not available in Victoria, but you may be able to purchase one on the internet. You need to see a doctor to find the right size.

Depo Provera injection

2006 May 16

Depo is only recommended for women who cannot use “other methods”:/birthcontrol/#methods of birth control, because it decreases bone density.

Nuva ring birth control

The birth control ring is inserted in the vagina and changed once a month. “Make an appointment”:/about/locations/ to get a prescription or find out more.

Birth control pills

2006 May 11

Birth control pills are a popular method of contraception. “Make an appointment”:/about/appointments/ to get a prescription or find out more.


Used properly, condoms are effective protection against both pregnancy and infections. They are even more effective combined with “spermicide”:/birthcontrol/spermicide/.