Gender affirming care

ISH provides medical, surgical and social gender affirmation care for trans, non binary, 2 spirit and otherwise gender diverse folks. At ISH, we recognize that gender affirmation is a very personal journey, and different individuals will desire/need access to different types of services and care. Our role is to support you through your affirmation journey. Please note that access to many of the GAC services at ISHS are limited to existing attached clients. Please refer to the listings below for more information.

Trans Care BC is currently helping community members navigate Gender Affirming Care access in BC. They will help you navigate options available in your community.

The Clinic logo: The Clinic at Island Sexual Health, community health centre.

Clinical care

Trans Care BC is currently helping community members navigate Gender Affirming Care access in BC. They will help you navigate options available in your community.

As of 18 May 2023, please note the following services are limited to our current primary care GAC patients:

Hormone readiness assessments

Clients aged 16+

For more information about accessing testosterone based or estrogen based hormone therapy, please see the Trans Care BC website.

Surgical assessments and referrals

Clients aged 18+

For more information about accessing different types of gender affirming surgeries in BC, please see the Trans Care BC website

The following services are available and directly accessible at our clinic:

Hormone injection supplies

Thanks to our funders, we are able to offer free hormone injection supplies (syringes, needles, alcohol swabs and sharps containers) to anyone in the clinic.

Bleed control

Monthly or cycle bleeding can be challenging for many folks and a major trigger for dysphoria in some individuals. At our clinic, you can see a nurse or a doctor to access medication like depo-provera or a hormonal IUD which can help to alleviate and/or eliminate cycle bleeds.

Gender aware and affirming sexual and reproductive health screening and treatment

Our doctors and nurses offer gender aware sexual and reproductive health screening services including Sexually Transmitted Infection Prevention, Testing and Treatment, pap/cervical screening, pelvic, genital and chest tissue exams. We recognize that screening and treatment may require extra time, the use of client specific language and discussion and other approaches to be respectful, comfortable and accessible client centred care.

Peer support services

Please refer to Trans Care BC’s directory for Peer Support Services in BC

Gender affirming apparel (GAA)

We have added gender affirming apparel to our store. We are stocking packers, packing underwear, gaffs including children’s gaffs) and binders. We understand that these items are mostly available online and that fitting for such things (especially binders) is complex and if done wrong can come with complex health risks. We offer in-person covid safe fittings by appointment. Clients can book a fitting appointment online.

Trans resources

TransCare BC

In BC, we are incredibly lucky to have a provincial based resource, Trans Care BC who supports the delivery of equitable and accessible care, surgical planning, and peer and community support for trans people across the province. Trans Care BC is a BC-wide information service and resource hub. We work to make sure people have the information they need to access gender affirming health care and supports.

Vancouver Island Trans Resources

The Chair in Transgender Studies is proud to host this resource and information site for trans and gender diverse people and their allies on Vancouver Island. This listing is not an endorsement – only a collection of local resources and businesses.

Gender Spectacular Families

Local based group that offer resources, education, and support in a variety of formats including a lending library for families. A great place to make local connections, gather resources and support..

Trans flag
Monica Helms, a trans woman, designed this flag in 1999, and it was first flown at a Pride Parade in Phoenix a year later. “The light blue is the traditional color for baby boys, pink is for girls, and the white in the middle is for those who are transitioning, those who feel they have a neutral gender or no gender, and those who are intersexed,” Helms noted. “The pattern is such that no matter which way you fly it, it will always be correct. This symbolizes us trying to find correctness in our own lives.” Source: