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Photo of stack of hardcover books

This is not your average book club! Join Tanille and others for lively conversations about sexuality, relationships and, of course, the featured book!

Book Club Starting Fall 2017!

We have partnered with Tanille Geib again to bring our community a Sex Positive Book Club at Island Sexual Health! This book club is meant for community to gather to celebrate human sexuality and learning through reading and discussion. We will be reading one book a month and gathering at the end of each month to discuss and learn from each other. The first few months, Tanille has curated a list of books that are sure to bring excitement and inspiration! Members of the book club will be able to suggest books going forward once we establish a routine.

Our sex shop Frisky Business will be bringing in books so that we can purchase them right at Island Sexual Health! Sometimes these books are difficult to borrow from libraries and find at local book stores. We might even have a couple local authors join us along the way!

All you need to do is read the book and show up for the discussions! Our book club community will be starting in Fall 2017. More details to come later this summer. Follow Island Sexual Health on Facebook to stay updated.

Here are some of the titles we may cover:

Designer Relationships – Patricia Johnson

Sex for One – Betty Dodson

What the Mouth Wants  Monica Meneghetti

The Invisible Orientation: Asexuality– Julie Sondra Decker

The Good Body – Eve Ensler

Gender Failure – Rae Spoon & Ivan Coyote

Dirty River – Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha