Grade 6-12 workshops

**We are offering in-class or virtual workshops for the 2020/21 school year following the BCCDC K-12 guidelines**

Adolescence is a vital stage in positive sexual development. Our well-respected program works with more than 20,000 participants each year in classroom and community settings. Due to the demand for our program, we generally book 5-12 weeks in advance for workshops. We ask for an honorarium of between $50-80 per workshop session. If you are struggling to fit this within a budget, please contact us to see how we can make it work for you.

Our education programming for grades 6-12  provides youth and educators with the most current and factual sexual health information available. The program promotes healthy sexuality and positive choices with the intention of preventing unintended pregnancies, exposure to sexually transmitted infections, and sexual exploitation.  We strive to make our workshops fun, comfortable, and accessible. We always encourage questions from participants through interactive facilitated discussions and activities. We work closely with classroom educators and program facilitators to ensure that our workshop sessions support both the BC education learning outcomes and the needs of participants.

ISHS Gr. 6-12 Education Brochure [pdf]