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Community Education Services

Island Sexual Health’s education program works with 17,000+ participants a year in the Greater Victoria Area. We believe that professional sexual health educators combine the most current knowledge of sexuality and facilitate conversations which are engaging, respectful, fun, and fresh.   Our team regularly engages in professional development through facilitation and studies through Canadian Association for School Health, University of Guelph Human Sexuality Studies, Options for Sexual Health, and Alberta Society for Promotion of Sexual Health.

Meet Our Team Members:

Jennifer Gibson, MA (aka “The Sex Lady”) is our coordinator of community education. Since 2004, Jennifer has been facilitating sexual health education workshops for participants ages 5-Adult.

Jennifer Gibson MA, is the Coordinator of Community Education Services. She is a professional sexual health educator whose knowledge, sense of humour, enthusiasm, and comfort level give her the unique ability to make sexual health education accessible and easy to relate to.

Most often referred to as “The Sex Lady” by youth participants, Jennifer believes in making sexual health education relevant, accessible, and fun for all participants. She also believes that effective sexual health education combines factual information with humour and pop culture. Jennifer is passionate about creating space for every person to become comfortable with and knowledgeable about sexual health. These principles form the foundation for all of her workshops.

Jennifer is fortunate enough to work with a team of sexual health experts at Island Sexual Health and recognizes the value that a strong, local clinical connection makes in education sessions. Since joining ISHS in 2004, Jennifer has had the great privilege of facilitating sexual health education workshops for students and educators (Pre K-University) in public, independent, and alternative classrooms; community based organizations; parent groups; seniors; health professionals; conferences; and regularly contributes to local, provincial, and national television, print, radio, and internet media.

Jennifer earned her Bachelor of Arts in Women’s Studies from the University of Victoria, her counselling support certificate from Camosun College, and her Masters of Arts in Leadership from Royal Roads University. During her MA work, Jennifer conducted research on the relevancy of sexual health education and published a thesis entitled, “Making Sexual Health Education ‘Sexy’ for Youth.”

Previous to her work with Island Sexual Health, Jennifer worked in the field of disordered eating prevention, media literacy, and positive body image promotion with youth and adults in communities throughout Vancouver Island.

Nick Sandor, MA Community Educator and Man Made Developer and Facilitator

Nick Sandor MA is a community educator and  the program developer and facilitator of Man Made. He was employed by Island Sexual Health Society in 2016, where he works doing program development and education. Nick’s professional background is in social work, youth support work, and education.

He is passionate about exploring education as an opportunity to encourage gender affirming practices through developing the skills required for wellness and community building. He believes that providing opportunities for people to share their stories and experiences is essential for fostering healthy relationships and self-expression.