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Man Made


Island Sexual Health Society is excited to announce our new program Man Made. This program is a space to explore what it means to be ‘a guy’ and what internal and external forces influence how we shape our ‘male’ identities.

ISHS recognizes that an important part of personal health literacy is creating opportunities for male-identified youth to understand healthy and inclusive relationships. Man Made provides youth with the skills to explore problems with common idea of masculinity, and develop personally meaningful ways to express themselves through reflection and group discussion. Youth completing this program will have the skills and knowledge to engage in healthy dating and other relationships, understand differences across gender, and better understand themselves.

Many thanks to The Victoria Foundation,  Vancity/Greater Victoria Savings Credit Union, Merck and Telus Community Fund for their generous support of the progamming.

The Program Explores

  • Programming for male-identified youth ages 14-19.
  • Up to 12 hours of of facilitated group learning.
  • Flexible scheduling and workshop design
  • Learning based on discussion, personal reflection, and activities that is based on the experiences and beliefs expressed by people who participate.
  • Available to schools, community support services, youth groups, sports teams, youth peer support communities, or any other community members who are interested in exploring this topic.

Topics Covered

  • Gender Literacy
  • Media and Other Influences
  • Healthy Relationships and Consent
  • Challenging Stigma and Stereotyping
  •  Masculinity and Power
  • Safer Sex Practice and Sexual Health
  • Self Care

The Hangout (Drop-In) 

The Hangout is held the second and last Tuesday of each month from 6:30pm to 8pm at Island Sexual Health’s Quadra Clinic. This guys’ drop-in is open to anyone ages 14-21 and is meant to be a relaxed and informal space to talk about topics such as: dating, identities, masculinity, self care and sexual health. Or, really whatever the group wants to focus their discussion on!  The Hangout is meant to be a relaxed space where people can check in with other male-identified youth and explore healthy ways to be themselves and reflect on the experiences of being ‘male’.  For more information use the contact information provided below.

Sign Up or Questions

Full Man Made programming will begin in January 2017 based on limited availability. If you are interested in preregistration for Man Made programming or would like more information please contact Man Made’s facilitator, Or, add us on Facebook for news and more information.

Anonymous Questions/ Comments/ Feedback


Please send us any thoughts, ideas, questions, or comments about what it means to be a ‘guy’. If you are attending a Man Made session let us know how we are doing. We are always looking for new ways to explore masculinity in meaningful ways. Any comments or questions will remain anonymous. However, I may talk about questions during sessions, or on Facebook without disclosing your identity because chances are other people have the same questions!


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