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Man Made: Exploring Masculinity Through Community & Wellness


Man Made facilitates a community workshop series that connects youth to challenging topics associated with relationship violence and discrimination on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, cultural background, or ability. Our intention is to encourage relational wellness by inviting our program participants to cultivate skills of self-expression, empathy, validation, inclusive practices, and emotional support. Man Made is typically directed towards supporting male identified youth ages 14-18 by exploring the lived experience of masculinity. However, we invite people of any age, gender, sexual orientation, culture, or ability to connect with our program.

Who We Are

Nick Sandor (BSW) is both the program developer and facilitator of Man Made. He was employed by Island Sexual Health Society in 2016, where he works doing program development and education. Nick’s professional background is in social work, youth support work, and education. He is passionate about exploring education as an opportunity to encourage gender affirming practices through developing the skills required for wellness and community building. He believes that providing opportunities for people to share their stories and experiences is essential for fostering healthy relationships and self-expression.


What We Do

Foundations Workshop Series (Suggested donation $300)

Our foundations workshop series encourages youth to be active in their own education by inviting them to explore their perceptions and personal life experiences and through facilitated discussions, and collaborative activities. Our program is designed to be facilitated over a five part foundations workshop series that explores both individual and relational wellness through:

  • Identity Mapping
  • Emotional Wellness
  • Media and Learning
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Community Building

Foundations + (Suggested donation $400)

Our Foundations + series includes our foundations workshop series, but offers a more student directed and experiential approach that extends learning to group outings, talking circles, community action projects, or other participant directed projects. This option provides youth with the ability to build peer support and create community connections.

Information Session (Suggested donation $100)

Our information session is intended to provide a brief introduction to the topics covered in our foundations program. However, we recommend that the complete foundations program is required to facilitate meaningful engagement with the program topics. An information session usually lasts about an hour to an hour and a half and provides an overview of fundamental concepts explored in the foundations program.

Man Made Jr. (Suggested donation $400)

This program is facilitated as an after school program for male identified elementary school students (grades 4 and 5). The program includes the core themes that are covered in our regular foundations program at an introductory level, supporting learning related to personal expression, emotional support, and community building. Currently, Man Made Jr. offers up to 8 sessions in this workshop series.

Program delivery options are flexible. Don’t hesitate to contact us about opportunities for programming that meet the particular needs of the community members you work with. Financial barriers should not limit access to community education. Man Made pricing is based on a pay what you can/sliding scale donation to the program.

Opportunities to Collaborate

Man Made is always looking for new opportunities to engage with community. Currently we are working to with other community groups to build men’s circles, parent groups, and resource sharing. If you would like to collaborate with Man Made don’t hesitate to contact us with your ideas or opportunities to collaborate.


Sign Up or Questions

If you are interested in registering for Man Made programming or would like more information please contact Man Made’s facilitator, Nick SandorOr, add us on Facebook for news and updates.




Financial Contributions

Many thanks to The Victoria FoundationCoast Capital Savings, Intact Insurance and Telus Community Fund for their generous support of the programming.