Pre-school – Grade 5 workshops

Developing healthy sexuality begins in the preschool years and continues throughout the elementary, intermediate, and high school years.  We believe that parents are the best primary sexuality educators for their children and therefore, provide Parent Workshops designed to support parents in this role.  Additionally, we have a range of sexual health presentations designed for each specific age group.  The school program is intended to support parents as sexuality educators, not replace them.  The following outline is designed to provide a general overview of topics that can be adapted to meet the needs and concerns of individual classes/groups and meet prescribed provincial learning outcomes.  This can be discussed further with the Education Coordinator.

Child sexual health education topics include:

  • Bodies, Birth, and Babies
  • Body Science
  • Changing Bodies, Changing Minds
  • The 5 W’s of  “The P Word”  (aka puberty)
  • Healthy relationships and friendships
  • Building self-esteem
  • Sexual health overview (for older students)

ISHS Workshop Brochure Preschool-7 [pdf]