Sexual health exams for penises, testicles, scrotums, and more

At Island Sexual Health, our job is to give you current, clear information that helps you better understand your sexual health and make the best choices for your wellness.

Here is what to expect during your  exam at our clinics.

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What should I know before an exam?

If you are wanting to have an exam, please ask the receptionist for an exam appointment so your appointment will be an appropriate length.

If you are wanting to be screened for Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs), please make sure you haven’t urinated for 2 hrs before your appointment so you can provide a urine sample.

Please bring all of your questions and concerns with you – the more information we have about you, the better care we can give you.

When you arrive to our clinic, you will be asked to complete a written health summary that asks questions about your health. You are welcome to print it off, complete it and bring it with you to your appointment if that feels more comfortable for you. It is not meant to be intrusive but to give the healthcare provider a clear picture of your health when they see you.

Who is in the room during exams?

You are welcome to bring a support person (partner, parent or friend) for any part of your appointment including the exam.  We have both male and female healthcare providers; if you have a preference in health care provider, you are welcome to specify when you book your appointment.

Medical and sexual history

The health care provider will  assess your sexually transmitted infection risks, sexual health, and risk factors and may ask you about:

  • your sexual history (number of past/current partners, types of sex you’re having)
  • family medical history
  • existing medical conditions or medications (including over the counter and recreational drug use)
  • safer sex methods (barrier use (such as condoms, dams, gloves) and birth control if appropriate

The doctor or nurse will offer a genital examination including a testicular exam and may also look at your chest and hands. If you decline a physical exam, you can still be tested for certain STIs through urine and blood testing.

Depending on the type of testing you are having,  we may have you provide us with a urine sample or send you to the lab with a requisition to be tested. Any swab, urine, and/or blood samples that are collected are sent to the lab from our clinics. We send many of our patients for blood testing to the lab with a requisition as we are only able to draw blood on Saturdays. To receive results of testing, you need to make a follow up appointment or make alternate arrangements with us to receive your results. We do NOT provide results over the phone.

You should start having regular sexual health exams when you become sexually active, and should continue yearly even if you don’t have sex anymore. We recommend regular check-ups for those who are currently and/or have been previously sexually active. We recommend that everyone have a complete screening for sexually transmitted infections yearly or before each new partner. Generally, a STI screen will include testing for chlamydia, gonorrhea, HIV, syphilis, and hepatitis.

Regular sexual health exams ensure that all parts of your sexual and reproductive systems are healthy. Illustration by ISH Youth Committee Volunteer Rita Wakelin.
Regular sexual health exams ensure that all parts of your sexual and reproductive systems are healthy. Illustration by ISH Youth Committee Volunteer Rita Wakelin.

Your questions and concerns

You will have time to ask the doctor questions if you would like. You may wish to write down questions ahead of time so you don’t forget. If you have had any changes in your sexual wellness or function, please make sure you mention it so we can make sure all of your concerns are followed up. You are always welcome to book another appointment if you have additional questions/concerns.

 Call us 250-592-3479 to make an appointment to get a sexual health check-up including sexually transmitted infection screening and genital exams at any of our clinics in Greater Victoria, BC.

All services are private and confidential.