Confidential STI/STD tests in Victoria BC

Anyone who has sexual contact is at risk for catching a sexually transmitted infection (STI, also called STD).

Call us to take advantage of our sexual health services. We offer:

  • Confidential STI tests in Victoria, BC
  • Infection treatment and support
  • Everything you need to know about protecting yourself
  • Condoms and other supplies for safer sex

When to get tested

We recommend that everyone get tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) when:

  • you have a new partner(s)
  • you or your partners have other sexual partners and it’s been more than 3 to 6 months since last testing. We encourage all partners to come in for testing.
  • you had sex without a barrier (condom/dam/glove) or you had an issue with the barrier
  • you had sex with a partner who has an infection
  • you notice symptoms such as sores, abnormal discharge, mid-cycle bleeding or discomfort. Remember that many infections do not produce symptoms so don’t rely on the absence of symptoms to indicate your STI status.

Testing too early after exposure to an infection may produce false negative results. Each infection has a different window period (the time period between when a person is exposed to an infection and when the infection is detectable through testing). The BCCDC has a great resource with more information on the window periods for each infection.

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What happens when I get tested?

All our testing services are confidential. We can offer non-nominal (no name required) tests for HIV.

Complete STI testing may include:

  • Urine sample for chlamydia and gonorrhea ( Urethral/vaginal swabs are often not necessary)
  • Vaginal swabs for trichomoniasis (self swabbing option may be available)
  • Throat swab for chlaymdia and gonorrhea
  • Rectal swab for chlamydia and gonorrhea (self-swabbing option may be available)
  • Blood sample for hepatitis, syphilis, and HIV
  • Swabs of any active sores or lesions (herpes and syphilis)
  • Visual exam

Learn about different STIs

Non-STI infections

We also provide testing and treatment for these common infections.