IUD appointment information

If you are having an IUD inserted with Island Sexual Health, you will have received an appointment reminder sheet when you booked your appointment.

Please be sure to review the instructions on the appointment reminder sheet before your insertion appointment so you are well prepared for your insertion. You are welcome to call us at 250-592-3479 if you have additional questions prior to your insertion appointment.

 IUD Appointment Reminders

  • There is a $50.00 fee if you cancel, re-schedule or change your IUD insertion appointment with less than 48 hours notice prior to your appointment. If you need to cancel or re-schedule your appointment please call us at 250-592-3479.
  • Please abstain from intercourse for two weeks prior to your IUD insertion, or from the start of your next period, whichever comes later. This is important to ensure that you are not pregnant on the day of insertion. If you currently have an IUD, please abstain from intercourse one week prior to insertion of the next. If you have not abstained, the doctor will not put in your IUD. If you are using the pill, patch, or ring continue on your method until 7 days after the insertion and it is not necessary for you to abstain.
  • We will do a urine pregnancy test when you arrive. The pregnancy test we do on the day of the insertion will not detect a pregnancy that may have occurred in the 14 days prior to the test, as it takes two weeks from the date of conception for the urine pregnancy test to become positive.
  • Make sure you are comfortable locating your cervix prior to your appointment.
  • Please eat a light meal about 90 minutes prior to your appointment. You may take 600 mg (3 regular) or - 800 mg (2 extra strength) of ibuprofen one hour prior to appointment.
  • If possible, please bring a companion who will drive or accompany you home.
  • Copper IUDs will be purchased at Island Sexual Health on the day of your insertion, at a cost of $100.80 (including tax).
  • To purchase your Mirena or Kyleena IUD please obtain an outside prescription from a doctor. Order your IUD from a pharmacy one week prior to your appointment, as some pharmacies do not regularly stock them.  Bring your IUD with you to your appointment.  The cost varies depending on the pharmacy.
  • Please note that during your appointment a physician, an assistant and possibly a second physician (resident) will be attending to you. If you have any concerns about this please inform a staff person.