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Water coloured blue circle with text that reads "Covid Safe gender affirming fittings and bookings available 9th of November at the store at ISH

We’re offering COVID Safe gender affirming fittings and bookings beginning November 9th.

At Island Sexual Health, we believe in expression and experiences that are affirming, empowering, safe, and fun. Our store offers a variety of products to make these experiences (solo or partnered) even better! We also believe it’s essential for every person to have a safe, comfortable space with knowledgeable staff to explore affordable products.

We’re super excited about the changes we’ve made to our our retail/social enterprise which is located within our Quadra Street clinic location. Over the course of the pandemic, our organization has been undergoing renovations and upgrades and is transforming into the ‘Island Sexual Health Community Care Center’ to better holistically service the local community. These upgrades include providing the LGBTQ2S+ community with adequate resources and as well as refining the selection of pleasure and sexual health products we offer.

We are proud to announce the introduction of Gender Affirming Apparel at The Store at ISH. We understand that these sorts of items are mostly available online – however fitting for such things (especially binders) is complex and if done wrong can come with complex health risks. We have created a system to provide COVID-19 safe in-person fittings: The store will be open during regular clinic hours for general access. However, we have opened up Monday and Wednesday evenings between 5-8-pm at the clinic for private, after-hours, in-store appointments for the LGBTQ2S+ community. You can book your appointment online now

This initial product roll-out includes a range of binders, packing underwear, and gaffs (including children’s gaffs) from local Vancouver company, Your Open Closet and hand-made, silicone packers from Queer-owned, New York Toy Collective.

We are also excited to stock art and products from local LGBTQ2s+ creators – please follow us on social media for real time updates.

This is just the beginning – and we are always open to and looking for community feedback.

We are proud to offer products that:

Affirm gender identity such as:

  • Binders
  • Packers
  • Packing Underwear
  • GAFFS (including children’s sizes)

Enhance pleasure and sexual health such as:

  • A wide variety of personal lubricants including organic, vegan and gluten free (really it’s a thing!)
  • Internal/External Vibrators
  • Anal toys
  • Masturbation sleeves from the Japanese company, Tenga including the egg and cup models
  • Blush Underwear
  • Oral dams including hot dams (latex free)
  • Menstrual cups including diva cup and fun factory cups
  • Canesten/Diflucan


Please note that there is no age restriction on who can purchase products from Frisky Business. 

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