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Royal Bay High School Clinic

We offer a drop-in sexual health clinic at Royal High School for all students currently enrolled in SD62.

  • Free and private sexual health services include birth control; STI testing and treatment, pregnancy testing, safer sex methods (condoms, dams, lube), and education.
  • Located in the Career and Counselling Offices
  • Phone 250-888-6814 (during clinic hours)

Hours of Operation

**WEDNESDAYS** from 11:30-3:30pm (except during Christmas, Spring Break, Summer Break, and Pro-D days)

The clinic is open to all students currently enrolled in SD 62 and operates on a drop-in basis with a nurse providing sexual health care and education. All services are provided in a private and comfortable space.

Many thanks to United Way and Langford Lions for continued funding to provide this clinic.

Royal Bay Secondary Clinic FAQs

Does it cost anything to use the Royal Bay Secondary Sexual Health clinic?

There is no cost for using the clinic. All services are completely free and confidential.

Will my parents find out I was at the clinic?

NO. Nobody will notify your parents or guardians of your visit to the clinic. Our files are separate from the school’s, so no one at the school will find out you were at the clinic either. What happens in the clinic stays in the clinic, results are only seen by you and the nurse/doctor. 

What’s involved in a STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) screening?

Depending on what type of infection you are being screened for, this may include a:

  • urine sample for chlamydia and gonorrhea
  • blood sample for hepatitis, syphilis, and HIV
  • swab of any active sores
  • a visual exam of the area for concern

What can’t you do at the clinic?

Currently, we can’t do anything outside of sexual health at the clinic. If you have a sore elbow and want to get screened for a STI, we can take care of the STI screening but not the sore elbow.

Do I have to be a certain age to use birth control or have my parent’s permission?

No, you don’t have to be a certain age to use birth control and you do not need anyone’s permission to get it. You do need to be assessed for birth control to ensure you are going to be able to use the method safely and correctly. This usually involves a simple chat and a blood pressure check.

What if I need to come in and talk to someone about relationships?

This would be something you would go to the school counseling office for. Your counselors would be happy to help you with relationship issues, decision-making and many other personal issues. 

Where can I go for sexual health services when you’re closed?

If you need sexual health services outside of our hours (11-4 every Wednesday) walk-in clinics can provide services as well as family physicians. You can also access our main clinic location Monday-Saturday. 

For a list of other local heath resources click here:

Thank you

Many thanks to United Way of Greater Victoria and the Westshore Lions Club for funding to provide this clinic.