Comparing IUDs : Copper, Mirena and Kyleena

Currently in Canada there are 3 Intrauterine options available. Pictured (not to scale): Copper (various types) and the LNG containing IUDS – Mirena and Kyleena (photo not to scale)

**Please note this post has been modified in July 2019 to reflect the addition of Kyleena and discontinuation of Jaydess LNG models**

One of the most common issues clients come to see us about is longer term, highly effective birth control. Undeniably, intrauterine devices (IUDs) fit this bill for many clients. They are  highly effective, can be used as long term methods (up to 5 to 10 years for the Copper depending on model and up to 5 years for Mirena and Kyleena), and reversible.

Interested clients often come into see us with lots of questions (which we love!) about the differences and similarities in IUDs and, not surprising, our IUD page is one of the most popular pages on our website. So with the addition of Kyleena to our IUD choices in Canada, we’ve come up with an easy to use IUD comparison chart that we hope will give interested clients a simple but effective overview!

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This image details a chart of information comparing the 3 different IUDs: Copper, Mirena and Kyleena

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