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Find out more about sexuality and sexual health through these resources.

More Sexual Health Info

Listed below are additional sexual health resources both local and BC based. We try to keep the information as current as possible but if you have updates that need to be included, please let us know.

Here’s our current favourite book list for children, youth and families.

Vancouver Island and BC resources

Since 1986, AIDS Vancouver Island has been working to improve the lives of people living with HIV or AIDS and to prevent more individuals from becoming infected with the virus.

BC based, Options for Sexual Health is Canada’s largest non-profit provider of sexual health services through clinics, advocacy, education programs, and the 1-800 SEX SENSE information and referral line.

Sexuality education addresses a number of topics such as private and public, touch and boundaries, social skills, relationships, puberty, sexual activities, decision making, health and safety. Over the years, Sunny Hill has developed a number of educational kits and workshops for parents, caregivers, professionals and the general public. Much of the information included in these workshops are now available from this site. These guides, written for both parents and professionals, provide an overview of basic sexuality issues and education concepts along with practical strategies and resources to support healthy sexual development and prevent abuse for children and young people with disabilities.

Smart Sex Resource  is a great site that was previously known as STD resource.  Smart Sex Resource is BC’s information resource for individuals and health care providers  for STIs. The site features current information, secitions on FAQs, clinic finder in BC and regular opportunities to chat with a Registered Nurse.

inSpot is an online service that provides information about where people can go to get STI testing in BC, Toronto, Ottawa and several US regions. inSPOT also provides a free, easy and anonymous way for people to send an electronic postcard (‘e-card”) to their sex partners telling them that they need to get tested for STIs.

The only AIDS organization on Vancouver Island directed entirely by and for individuals living with HIV.

UVic Pride is an organization for all people who are queer, queer-positive, gender-variant and/or intersex. We strive to meet the needs of people who self-identify as queer (including but not limited to people who identify as Two Spirit, bisexual, lesbian, gay, and pansexual, as well as people who do not identify with these labels); trans people; those who are questioning their sexuality or gender; those who are struggling with concerns related to intersexuality; and supportive partners, friends, family members, and allies.

The Anti-Violence Project (AVP) is your on-campus sexual assault centre at the University of Victoria. We offer confidential services for anyone who has experienced sexual violence or knows someone who has.

The South Island Pride Community Centre is a community resource providing support, health and social services, and public education for the well-being of people of all genders, gender identities, and sexualities, and their allies in the Capital Regional District of British Columbia.

Vancouver Island Women’s clinic is an organization that provides a range of services including medical and surgical abortions, IUD insertion, endometrial biopsies and medical and surgical completion of miscarriages (spontaneous abortions).

Each year VSAC provides services for over 2,500 people through our Sexual Assault Response Team (SART); Group and Individual Counseling programs; 24-hour crisis & information line; an award winning prevention and education program called Project Respect; and workshops for parents and friends.

Peers Victoria is an innovative, multi-service grassroots agency that was established by, with, and for sex workers in 1995. Through direct service delivery and community partnerships, PEERS provides an array of outreach and drop in harm reduction and support services including day and night outreach, drop in centre and wellness clinic  alongside education and employment training for current and former sex workers.

A resource guide produced by IHA’s Aboriginal Health Department with the sole purpose to increase heatlh access and awareness; to inform Aboriginal, Metis and Inuit people of the health services available on southern Vancouver Island.

Free Confidential Health Clinic for Youth Ages 12-24 based in Victoria BC. Nurse or Doctor to help with all health concerns.

The Men’s Trauma Centre is a non-profit society based in Victoria, B.C. Canada. The Men’s Trauma Centre exists to provide treatment and support services to adult and late adolescent males who are survivors of physical, emotional or sexual trauma as well as support for our clients’ significant others.

  • Sex Sense Line

Nurses and sex educators are standing by to answer your call! Call 1-800 SEX SENSE Monday – Friday, 9am to 9pm to talk to a REAL person who will never get weird on you. Calls are free within BC and always confidential. You can also send them a message using the question box on in the side column on the right.

Young Parents Support Network (YPSN) is a small, non-profit organization.Our mission is to support and empower young parent families in the Coast Salish Territories (Victoria, BC). YPSN was formed in 1994 by young parents who saw the need for an organization which would meet their unique needs and which they could have a strong voice in running. Young parents still have a strong voice today through our young parent board, and steering committees, and conversations with young parents.

Young Parent Outreach is a dynamic resource program providing services to young pregnant women, young moms and dads, and their children in the Greater Victoria area. These services – provided by the Cridge – are designed to give young pregnant women and young moms and dads the help they need to have healthy babies and to be effective, successful parents. The purpose of this site is to provide resources for young parents and families in the Greater Victoria area. The site contains informative articles, blog postings and video clips on topics ranging from pregnancy, parenting newborns, general advice to how to baby proof your house.

Her Way Home is a child-focused, women-centred, and family-oriented clinic based out of James Bay Community Clinic that offers a wide range of health and social services to expecting and new mothers with substance use issues.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons in British Columbia physician offers a directory which provides information about individual physicians, including contact information and qualifications, and whether or not they are accepting new patients (family physicians only).

This line is primarily for transgender people experiencing a crisis. This includes people who may be struggling with their gender identity and are not sure that they are transgender.


 Sexual health reading

GLBTT2IQA resources

  • Lesbians on Vancouver Island
    Resources for Lesbians living on Vancouver Island
    Parents and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
  • Pride Education Network
    The primary focus of Pride Education Network is to advocate–on behalf of students, parents, teachers, staff, and administrators–for systemic change in the educational system which will result in a positive environment in education, regardless of actual or perceived sexual orientation/expression. Pride Education Network also offers support to members through regular meetings, social events and periodic newsletters.
  • Prime Timers Victoria
    Prime Timers Victoria (BC Canada) is an organization that exists to meet the social, educational and recreational needs of mature gay and bi-sexual men, 40 years and older.
  •  South Island Pride Centre The South Island Pride Community Centre is a community resource providing support, health and social services, and public education for the well-being of people of all genders, gender identities, and sexualities, and their allies in the Capital Regional District of British Columbia.
  • Trans Vancouver Island
    Trans Vancouver Island was created in response from the Vancouver Island Trans Needs Assessment.
  • Trans Health BC Program
    The Transgender Health Program in Vancouver is the most concrete resource in the province. The Program has a directory of trans-friendly health and social groups, list of peer support groups, online library, and links to other resources.
  • Victoria Lesbian Seniors Care Society
    The purpose of Victoria Lesbian Seniors Care Society is to support lesbian health and social needs as we age by providing safe, accessible, welcoming spaces to build community through public education and social action. The society is open to lesbians of all ages.
  • Victoria Pride Society
    The victoria pride society is committed to bringing family centered events to our community all year round.
  • Youth Resource
    YouthResource is a US based Web site created by and for gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and questioning (GLBTQ) young people. YouthResource takes a holistic approach to sexual health and exploring issues of concern to GLBTQ youth, by providing information and offer support on sexual and reproductive health issues through education and advocacy.
  • Youth @ South Island Pride Centre The South Island Pride Community Centre is a community resource providing support, health and social services, and public education for the well-being of people of all genders, gender identities, and sexualities, and their allies in the Capital Regional District of British Columbia.
  • Youthline
    Toll-free, Ontario-wide peer-support phone line.

Healthy relationships

  • Chat Danger
    Chat Danger is a site all about the potential dangers on interactive services online like chat, IM, online games, email and on mobiles
  • Project Respect
    (Yes Means Yes)
  • Red Cross Relationship Guidelines Relationship violence can strike anyone, but teenagers are particularly vulnerable to misconceptions about what physical and emotional violence are, and what they mean. If it hurts, dominates or controls, it’s not romance
  • Need Help Now – If you (or a friend, peer or sibling) have been involved in a self/peer exploitation incident (otherwise known as “sexting”), we are here to help. This site provides you with guidance on steps you can take to get through this.

Youth resources in Victoria

  • Youth @ South Island PrideCentre The South Island Pride Community Centre is a community resource providing support, health and social services, and public education for the well-being of people of all genders, gender identities, and sexualities, and their allies in the Capital Regional District of British Columbia.
  • Beyond the Talk Island Sexual Health’s youth website with access to a texting line
  • Youthcore | Youth core is greater Victoria’s online youth portal for young people in the Greater Victoria are to connect, learn and enjoy our communities in safe and positive ways.
  • Youthspace | Youth space is a Victoria based resource  for youth (under the age of 25) that provides live one on one chat , forums, e-counselling and an extensive online resource database.

Linking policy

We do our best to maintain links to reputable sites, but we cannot guarantee the accuracy of other websites (or their advertisers), since these sites change often. Please be cautious about any information you read online. You can always call us for good information or to meet with one of our educators.

If you find one of these links offensive, out of date, or otherwise inappropriate, please contact us with the URL and the reason for your concern, so that we can review the link. Thanks!

Victoria sexual (and other) health contacts

These are contact numbers for sexual health services in Greater Victoria, BC.

Contact us at Island Sexual Health Society for help finding local resources (or for our clinic and education services).

AIDS Vancouver Island Info Line

  • (250) 384-2366
  • 1-800-665-2437

Sex Sense Line

  • 1-800-739-7367

Healthlink BC (24 hr non-emergency health line)

  • 8-1-1

STD Clinic

  • (250) 388-2220

South Island Pride Community Centre

Vancouver Island Crisis Line (Toll free)

  • 1-888-494-3888

Vancouver Island Women’s Clinic

  • 250-480-7338

Victoria Fertility Centre

  • 250-704-0034

Peers Victoria

  • Daytime Outreach | 250-744-7690
  • Nighttime Outreach |250- 250-744-0171

Victoria’s Men’s Trauma Centre

  • (250) 381-MENS (6367)
  • 1-866-793-6367

Victoria Sexual Assault Centre Crisis Line

  • (250) 383-3232

Victoria Youth Clinic

  • (250) 388-7841 (James Bay Clinic)
  • (250) 383-3552 (Downtown)

Listing policy

We do our best to maintain current contact information, but we cannot guarantee it has not gone out of date. Call us if you need help finding sexual health services in Greater Victoria, BC.

These resource listings are provided for information only and do not imply an endorsement. Although our staff have reviewed these resources, they may have been changed and we cannot guarantee outside services.