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silicone barrier method used by female called "femcap"

The fem cap acts as a barrier to prevent the sperm from passing from the vagina into the uterus.


A FemCap is a silicone cup that is inserted into the vagina to act as a barrier to sperm entering the cervix. It is intended to be inserted before sex and left in place for a period of time afterwards. The FemCap has a tighter fit over the cervix than the traditional diaphragm and can be used by users who have given birth. The FemCap comes in three sizes and manufacturers recommend using a contraceptive gel with the FemCap to increase effectiveness. Before considering the FemCap, users need to be able to locate their cervix and feel comfortable touching their vagina.

ISHS does not sell the FemCap. The FemCap is available through consultation and purchase for a fee in Victoria at Acacia Health Clinic. Please contact them to set up and appointment and for more information on consultation and device costs.

For people outside of Victoria, it can also be ordered directly from the femcap manufacturer.