We know how *crazy* things get when you type anything related sexuality into a search engine! So to help you out, we have compiled a list of our go to, always reliable and honest, websites that will support sexuality learning!

For anyone talking to children & youth about Sexual Health and Sexuality

Beyond the Talk

A comprehensive Victoria based sexual health website for youth and their allies hosted by Island Sexual Health.


AMAZE leverages the expertise of master sexuality educators, the creativity of animation professionals, the input of young people, and the power of the internet to create and market:

  • Engaging, educational, age-appropriate, often humorous sex education videos for young adults.
  • Educational resources, including short videos, to build the skills of parents and guardians to better communicate with their children about sex and sexuality.
  • Toolkits, lesson plans, promotional materials and other resources to help educators and health care providers refer students and young patients to AMAZE as an available, free and fun resource to learn about sex and sexuality.

Sex and U

Society of Obstetricians & Gynaecologists of Canada provides information for parents, teens, and professionals about sexuality education. Site features comprehensive information including Canadian statistics, child sexual development, sexual diversity,and links.

Sex Information & Education Council of Canada

An excellent resource to learn more about sexuality.  Includes information on the Canadian Guidelines and Common Questions about Sexuality Education.

Smart Sex Resource

A comprehensive website that provides local, relevant sexual health information and services for all ages in BC. This website is a program of the BCCDC.

Youth Native Sexual Health Network

YNSHN is an organization by and for Indigenous youth that works across issues of sexual and reproductive health, rights and justice through US and Canada.

Sunny Hill Health Centre

Sunny Hill Education Resource Centre (SHERC) houses a unique collection of books, videos, journals, board games, curricula and various educational props and materials designed for children with disabilities and their families.


Information for gay, lesbian, bisexual, questioning, and transgender youth

Options For Sexual Health

A comprehensive website that includes detailed sexual health information, clinical resources, and contacts throughout BC


Information, advice, and resources by teens for teens (and parents too!)


Advice, articles, and information addressing sexuality and sexual health issues for adolescence and beyond!

Scarleteen Confidential

A special portal of Scarleteen dedicated to sexuality education for parents and other awesome adults!

Teen Health Source

A Toronto based resource from Planned Parenthood where you can find information on Relationships, Consent, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI), Gender, Pregnancy, Contraception, etc.,