Community sexual health education program

We have a well-established and well respected comprehensive sexual health education program which offers sexual health education programming to schools, as well as workshops for community groups, parents, and other community members in the Greater Victoria area. In the 2021/2022 year, we facilitated education to 21,000+ participants in 800+ workshops in the Greater Victoria area. Our sessions are delivered in person unless learning communities need/want to participate in remote and virtual learning platforms, we can offer remote learning through the zoom platform.

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Workshops, courses & more

**ISHS fully support the SOGI inclusive education initiatives as outlined by the BC Ministry of Education and ground all of our education in gender and orientation diverse  approaches. Please see our position statement (PDF) on SOGI education for more information.**

To find out more information about or to book sexual health workshops:

Due to the high demand for our workshops, we generally book 10-12 weeks in advance for workshops. Timelines do fluctuate depending on time of year so please contact us for specific information if you require a date sooner as we may be able to accommodate your request.

We believe in taking a preventative and positive approach to sexuality and sexual health. Our comprehensive workshops support health literacy and healthy decision-making for participants of all ages, genders, orientations, backgrounds, and beliefs and values.

We are the only organization in Victoria able to offer subsequent clinical support (Personalized one to one education; Contraception; STI testing, treatment and support; Pregnancy Testing, Supported  Sexual Health Exams) to participants who need it following a workshop.

About our workshops

Program goals

To support all participants with access to current and factual information with the intention to promote positive sexuality and choices and to prevent negative outcomes such as unintentional pregnancies, pregnancies, exposure to sexually transmitted infections and sexual exploitation. All programming is designed to be interactive and participant centred.

We support the great work being done with our community partner agencies such as:

Sexual health education workshops for all ages

We offer a variety of workshops to meet the needs and interests of specific groups based on subject matter, age level, and time available.

ISHS Workshop Brochure Grades 4-5

Child sexual health education topics include:

  • Changing Bodies, Changing Minds
  • The 5 w’s of The P word – puberty
  • Healthy relationships, communication and consent
  • Building self-esteem
  • Sexual health overview
  • Keeping bodies safe and healthy

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ISHS Gr. 6-12 Education Brochure

Sex education for youth and young adults can include topics such as:

  • Consent
  • Sexual decision making
  • Healthy relationships
  • Birth/Bleed Control options
  • Sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and Safer Sex Methods
  • Pregnancy (using the “empathy belly”)

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Youth Training

ISHS is proud to deliver comprehensive sexual health training for youth in peerhelping and leadership classes and other community groups. Training is delivered over 9 hours and includes detailed information on contraception, sexually transmitted infection risk reduction, healthy relationships, decision making, community resources and what to expect during a sexual health exam. Through the generous support of The United Way and Direct Access, we are able to offer this training free of charge to a limited number of schools and groups.

Parent Education Workshop Brochure

Brochure (PDF)

The Approachable and Knowledgeable Adult workshop can be tailored to meet the needs of specific age groups (Pre-school through Adolescence) and includes the following information:

  • The stages of childhood sexual development & what children should know at each stage
  • Teaching tips and specific examples of ways to explain bodies & body processes
  • Strategies for answering the tough questions children ask
  • Tips for incorporating family values, beliefs, religion, and culture into sexuality education
  • Resources for parents to review and information to take home

See also our tips for parents talking to kids about sexual health.


Jennifer Gibson (she/her) is the Coordinator of Community Education Services with ISHS. Jennifer began working with ISH in 2003 and is most commonly referred to as “The Sex Lady” by youth participants, She currently works with youth grades 8-12, adults, families, and our youth ambassador training programming.

Sophie Lewis (she/her) joined our education team as a maturation educator in 2021. She currently works as our lead maturation educator with students in grades 4-7. Previous to her work with ISH, Sophie worked as a sexual health educator in the UK with the NHS.

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Feedback on Island Sexual Health Education

“Jennifer is open, has a great sense of humour, and has a lot of information to offer.”

Parent, Hillcrest Elementary

“You made this really awkward subject be not so awkward. Thanks so much!!!!”

Grade 8 participant

“Thank you for teaching my class. This was the best talk I have ever had in school”

Grade 10 participant

“Thanks for teaching me how to be more safe. This has been the most I have enjoyed this class all year. P.S. Don’t tell the teacher!”

Grade 11 participant

“Thank you. It’s always a joy to see you and learn new things about sexual health. I’ve learned a lot of useful information from your groups. My body’s my temple.”

Youth participant, employment skills group

“Thanks again for the outstanding presentation – you certainly had the student’s attention for the entire presentation and created an atmosphere where students felt comfortable and supported”

Instructor, Camosun College