At Island Sexual Health Society, we believes that it is important to include a variety of community voices, perspectives, and expertise in our discussions of sexual health and well-being. This includes workshops, book clubs, and opportunities for private consultation related to sexual health. Currently, we are partnering with Bailey Counselling who brings clinical knowledge and counselling to the topic of sexuality. Please feel free to contact us via email  if you have ideas that you would like to collaborate on and follow us on social media for information on upcoming events.


A link to Rapid Access IUC Centres of Excellence in Canada
We are proud members of Rapid Access IUC Centres of Excellence (RAICE) which provide access to quality care, collaboration and improved access to IUC.

Island Sexual Health is a member of RAICE (Rapid Access IUD Centres of Excellence). RAICE is a network of clinics and health care providers across Canada who are experts in IUD insertion and care. 

RAICE clinics must meet the following criteria: 

(1) have an expert IUD insertion team; 

(2) accept patients making their own appointments without referral by their health care provider; 

(3) appointments for IUD discussion and insertion made quickly; 

(4) offer training in their communities to the public and/or to other health care providers; 

(5) are committed to continuously improving the care they provide; 

(6) must provide access to the copper IUD as emergency contraception.

Visit the website to find the nearest RAICE clinic near you.