Birth Control Information for Partners

Pregnancy Prevention is more effective when all partners share what methods are available and how they can be properly used. When everyone knows how a method actually works to reduce the risk of pregnancy and how to use the method most effectively, there is less risk of unintended pregnancy. That’s why we

Because most methods are used by the person who can become pregnant, partners might feel that they have little power when it comes to use.  This is far from true!

Ways to support each other in pregnancy prevention:

  1. Become and stay equally educated – we always welcome partners to come into our clinics; together or separately!
  2. Use a dual method approach (condom+another method)
  3. Go with your partner to get the method(s) – Pick up a new package of pills, condoms, etc.
  4. Be honest about your feelings, concerns and hopes for the method
  5. Check in with each other to see how the method’s working out
  6. Offer to provide reminders if needed to use the method correctly (EG – download a method reminder app on your phone to check in with your partner to see if they remembered their pill/patch or ring change day!)
  7. Share the cost of a method

You can contact us to make an appointment. Feel free to print our handout [PDF] on Partners and Birth Control for more information on common birth control methods.