Helping your kids be sexually healthy in University (an infographic)

As August fades away, many families are helping their young adults get ready for the transitions to life away from home!  We know from research that high school aged youth are delaying sexual activity until they are older (thanks in large part to better education and communication with their families). Going away to Uni, going on a gap year adventure or moving out of home to their own place provides a space for them to explore

However, realistically the university/college demographic is also the age group that is OVERrepresented in STI infected age groups. To be fair, this age group may be appearing to be more STI infected also because they are testing more frequently (due to their improving education) than other age groups!

Living away from home, exploring new ideas, meeting new people, and experiencing more social freedom are huge  influences on  young people’s sexuality. These ingredients make this the perfect time for parents to connect with their kids about healthy sexuality. Take the opportunity to make sure you and your kids are well informed, connected, and empowered. So to help you with this, we have put together an infographic reminder. Not only will your kids be gratefully (eventually!) so will their roommates’ parents!  Feel free to print it out and post on your fridge for a conversation starter!! PS Need some condoms to slip into their boxes and care packages? Stop by our Quadra Street clinic, we’re happy to supply them free of charge!

What to include in the University Sexual Health Talk(s) for Parents (4)

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