Staff and volunteers jumping for joy
At ISHS, we are enthusiastic about sexual health and community development. As a non profit, we maximize the power of all donations for the greatest good of our community.

Your donation is greatly appreciated!

As a non-profit organization, we recognize the power of donations and are so grateful for all of the support we receive.

Every tax deductible donation to ISHS helps to:

  • provide clinical care to more than23,000 clients a year in greater Victoria
  • distribute more than 500,000 safer sex resources such as condoms, gloves, and dams yearly
  • educate more than 11,000 students, educators, health care, and service providers yearly in Greater Victoria
  • facilitate practical training for 2nd year Medical School residents and other practicum placements
  • answer questions and attend community health fairs, music
  • reduce barriers to health equity
  • maintain the website that receives 1000+ visitors daily
  • support parents, caregivers, and service providers in providing safety and health information to their children.
  • partner with other health care providers such as BC Cancer Agency, BC Centre for Disease Control, BC Ministry of Health, and Canadian Federation for Sexual Health

Together we are creating a healthier, more comfortable world where each of us can reach our potential for wellness!