Male condoms are also known as:

* rubbers
* connies
* Trojans or other brand names
* many other nicknames

A male condom is a latex sheath that is placed onto an erect penis to collect semen and protect against sharing bodily fluids.

Used properly, condoms protect against pregnancy as well as most “sexually transmitted infections”:/infections including “HIV/AIDS”:/infections/hiv-aids. The best STI and HIV protection is a lubricated, non-spermicidal latex condom “without nonoxynol-9”:/birthcontrol/spermicide/#n9-risks.

* See our “condom instructions”:/sex-safety/using-condoms/ to learn how to use condoms properly.

h3. Condoms are cheap and easy to find

You can buy condoms at any drugstore as well as some convenience stores. They are also available in some public washrooms.

You can also drop in and pick up condoms at any of “our clinics”:/about/locations/. We stock regular, flavoured and studded types! We give away small quantites of condoms for free, or you can buy them from us in bulk.

h3. What if I have a latex allergy?

Non-latex, polyurethane condoms are available at drugstores and at “our clinics”:/about/locations/. Older style sheepskin condoms do not protect against HIV/AIDS and other infections.

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