Affordable birth control in Victoria, BC

“Make an appointment”:/about/appointments/ to get birth control at any of our sexual health clinics in the Greater Victoria area.

We offer most “methods of birth control”:#methods at affordable prices, and we can teach you everything you need to know about choosing and using birth control.

Most types of birth control do not protect you against “sexually transmitted infections”:/infections such as HIV. See our “sex safety overview”:/sex-safety to learn how to avoid getting or giving sexually transmitted infections.

h3(#methods). We offer most methods of birth control

See the “side menu”:#subnav for an alphabetical list of all types of birth control we offer, or browse these birth control categories:

* “Hormonal birth control”:#hormonal
* “IUDs”:#iud
* “Barrier birth control”:#barrier
* “Spermicidal birth control”:#spermicide
* “Behavioural birth control”:#behaviour
* “Surgical sterilization”:#surgical

h3(#hormonal). Hormonal methods

Hormonal methods deliver chemicals that prevent a woman from getting pregnant. They do not prevent infections. Side effects vary for each woman. We offer several hormonal methods:

* “Birth control pills”:/birthcontrol/birth-control-pills/
* “Evra patch”:/birthcontrol/patch
* “Nuva ring”:/birthcontrol/ring/
* “Depo Provera injection”:/birthcontrol/depo-provera/
* “Mirena IUD”:/birthcontrol/iud/

h3(#iud). Intrauterine devices (IUD)

An IUD is a small, plastic device that is inserted in a woman’s uterus to prevent pregnancy. We offer both copper and hormone types.

* “IUD”:/birthcontrol/iud/

h3(#barrier). Barrier methods

Barrier methods work by blocking sperm from reaching a woman’s egg. There are barriers for use by both males and females.

* “Condom (male)”:/birthcontrol/condom/
* “Female condom”:/birthcontrol/female-condom/
* “Diaphragm”:/birthcontrol/diaphragm/
* “Cervical cap”:/birthcontrol/cervical-cap/

h3(#spermicide). Spermicidal methods

Spermicides are creams, gels or foams that contain a chemical to kill sperm. They are most effective in combination with other methods. We offer:

* “Sponges”:/birthcontrol/sponge/
* “Spermicides”:/birthcontrol/spermicide/

h3(#behaviour). Behavioural methods

* “Withdrawal”:/birthcontrol/withdrawal/ is not effective at preventing pregnancy
* “The fertility awareness method”:/birthcontrol/fertility-awareness/ can be effective for some women
* “Abstinence”:/birthcontrol/abstinence/

h3(#surgical). Surgical methods (permanent)

We can recommend doctors in Victoria who perform surgical sterilization for males and females.

* “Vasectomy”:/birthcontrol/vasectomy/ (for males)
* “Tubal ligation”:/birthcontrol/tubal-ligation/ (for females)

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