Questions? Questions? Questions? Everyone has ‘em!

Hope you”re all having lots of fun on summer holidays -maybe you’re even enjoying a little of that summer lovin’ they sing about! This is my first blog entry since I returned to work after 4 weeks holiday. Okay, I’ll be honest the 4 weeks away wasn’t really a holiday – I was at school. I know it seems strange to be going to school in July but once you get used to it, it is pretty cool. School was intense, fun and, of course, another amazing learning experience. What did I learn at school this year? More than I can put into a blog entry that’s for sure. One of the biggest things I confirmed at school – People (of all ages) want to talk about sexual health. Knowing that I am a sexual health educator, my classmates (who range in age from their mid 20s to mid 60s) had a great assortment of fabulous questions for me! Almost every day, someone pulled me aside in the cafeteria line-up, in the bathroom and during class discussions to ask sexual health questions.

I bet you’re wondering what they asked? They asked questions about birth control methods, how to use and store condoms and dental dams, sexually transmitted infections and how to talk with their partners/families/friends about sex. I was more than happy to share my knowledge and answer my classmates’ questions. The bonus – I learned as much from their questions as I hope they did. What did I learn from their questions? Often society assumes that it is only our youth who have the incorrect information and myths about sexual health and this simply isn’t true! Many of the questions my classmates asked me are the same questions youth ask me. Age has nothing to do with the need for correct information – we always need the right answers. No matter how young or old you are don’t be afraid to ask questions! It takes courage to ask questions, especially about sexual health, and always remember what my Grade 3 teacher (thanks Ms. Guidi) told me, “If you are truly looking for the answer, there is no such thing as a stupid question! Got a question? Go ahead and ask.

Thanks to my classmates for the questions because you continue to teach me more than you’ll ever know! For those of you who don’t know who to ask about sexual health – browse the pages here on our new website – there’s loads of info! If you still have questions, contact us – we’d love to answer your questions.

Enjoy your remaining days of summer whether they are full of summer lovin’ or not. I’ll talk to you in September!

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