This past weekend I spent some time doing what I love to do when I am procrastinating schoolwork – wander around the local bookstores! Strangely enough, most times I find myself visiting the health and sexuality sections to see if there are any new print resources available. As I approached the sexuality section, I saw two teenaged girls and one teenaged boy sitting on the floor in front of the section with a book wide open in front of them. I heard one of the girls say, “Is that what it is supposed to look like?” and the other reply, “How would I know I haven’t seen it before.” Naturally, once the teens realized that I was headed to the same section they were so engaged in, they all jumped up and scattered rapidly in different directions! I smiled to myself because this happens almost any time I approach the sexuality section. Regardless of age/gender/orientation/spiritual beliefs/etc. there is something awkward about being in the sexuality section! It’s like admitting to world that you are curious about sexuality and who would be curious about that she asks sarcastically.
How about everyone? Curiosity about sex is a natural biological function! Hooray for curiosity about life in general and as a sexual health educator, I say hooray for curiosity about sexuality. In North America, we do a really good job at making every thing from cars to orange juice sexy. What we don’t do very well is explore our curiosities about sex and sexuality in a balanced and healthy way. I suspect, and this is just my humble opinion, that this is what draws us (yes even me I admit!) to the sexuality sections of the local bookstore! Be grateful for your curiosity – it will serve you well in all section of the bookstore (and life!).

Happy Fall!

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