About Island Sexual Health Society

The Island Sexual Health Society is a non-profit agency that has served the Greater Victoria, Vancouver Island and Gulf Islands communities since 1969. ISHS was formerly a part of Planned Parenthood, and became an independent society in 1986.

* *We run sexual health clinics* that are open to everyone. “Call us for an appointment”:/about/appointments/. Our services are *confidential.*

* *We provide sexual health education* in local schools and in the community. Contact us about our “sexual health workshops”:/education/, or read our “online resources”:/resources/.

h3. Our vision statement

Island Sexual Health Society envisions a diverse community that celebrates healthy sexuality throughout life.

h3. Our mission statement

Island Sexual Health Society leads in delivering exemplary sexual health services to South Vancouver Island. Through the provision of clinical care and educations, we:

* empower individuals to make choices that enhance their sexual wellbeing;
* provide all inclusive services and resources that support sexual health;
* celebrate diversity of sexual expression.

Island Sexual Health Society defines sexual health as a state of physical, emotional, mental, and societal well-being related to sexuality.

h3. You can help ISHS

You can support Island Sexual Health Society by:

* using “sex safety skills”:/sex-safety/ and keeping healthy
* “volunteering”:/about/volunteer/ at our clinics
* “donating”:/about/sponsor/ to support our work
* “contacting us”:/about/contact/ about joining the board
* telling your friends and family about us
* linking to us on your blog or website

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