Our latest media piece about Pap exams on Shaw’s “The Daily”

As a follow-up to the awesome Pap Awareness Week that ended this past Sunday, we were asked to do an information interview for Shaw’s The Daily on the importance of Pap exams for those people with a cervix. You will see our community education coordinator, Jennifer Gibson, and the awesome Tara Paterson chat about pap exams.

Pap exams begin approx. 3 years after sexual intercourse (that includes sexual touching) or at the age of 21 whichever comes first.

Island Sexual Health performs more than 4,000 pap exams yearly. Our job is to make the experience as comfortable as possible for you. We have both male and female health care professionals available.

Call us at 250-592-3479 to set up an appointment today. Want more info about paps? Visit our all about paps page.

PS If you’ve had your pap done and need a way to remind yourself when your next one is due sign up for a reminder  The service works like a charm!

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