Drop-in Pap Clinics – October 25th and 26th


Celebrate your cervix during pap awareness week!

Island Sexual Health is hosting 2 drop-in Pap clinics in the Greater Victoria area:

1)Thursday, October 25th from 11:30-2:30 at our Camosun location (Top Floor of Richmond House on the lansdowne campus)

2) Friday, October 26th from 9-12 and 1-4 at our main clinic location at #200-1770 Fort Street

No appointments are necessary but clients should be prepared for a bit of a wait if they’re dropping in. All Paps will be provided by a female nurse.

Why are we so excited about hosting drop-in pap clinics?

Because at ISHS, we know how important Pap exams are to the health of the cervix. Pap exams are an effective cervical cancer screening tool. A Pap exam is a routine screening exam for females that ensures that the cells on the cervix are healthy and normal. A Pap exam can identify any abnormal cells and early detection of abnormal cells can prevent those cells from progressing into cervical cancer.

How do I know when I should start having Pap exams?

Females should start having Pap exams at age 21 or 3 years after first sexual contact (including sexual touching). Pap exams should not hurt and do not usually take more than 2-3 minutes to complete. At our clinics, you can request a male or female health care professional to perform your Pap. If you have more questions, visit our Pap section for more information.

How often do I have to have a Pap?

BC Cancer recommends “once a year for the first three years. If these results are normal, then you can get tested every two years.Screening may be stopped after age 69 if you have had no abnormal results. Women who have passed menopause or had their tubes tied should be screened.If you’re not sure what to do, or you’ve had a total hysterectomy (surgery to remove the entire uterus with cervix), ask your doctor or health care provider what’s best for you.”

What if I can’t make it to the drop-in days?

ISHS offers pap exams any time the clinic is open for patients. You can simply book an appointment at a location near you for a pap exam and you can request a male or female health care professional.

How do I prepare to have a Pap?

  • Avoid putting anything inside your vagina (treatments, lubricant, spermicides) for 48 hours before your appointment
  • Remember any unusual signs, for example bleeding between periods or bleeding after sex, so you can tell your health care provider
  • At ISHS, you can request a female doctor when you book your appointment. All of our male doctors will have a female assistant in the room.
  • Feel free to invite your partner or friend into the exam room if this will make you more comfortable (they won’t see any of your personal parts)
  • Write down your questions and bring them along.

If I don’t live in Victoria where can I find a clinic that does Pap exams?

You can locate a clinic in your community through the LACE Campaign

I find it really hard to remember when my next Pap exam is due. Can you help me remember?

The LACE campaign has you covered with their reminder service. This email service will send you a reminder when your next pap is due.

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