Bailey Counselling Therapy for sexual and reproductive health

We’re thrilled to recommend a private counselling practice, Bailey Counselling Therapy. Bailey Counselling Therapy offers a specialty in sexual and reproductive health issues including issues related to pregnancy, pregnancy loss, abortion, complicated deliveries, infections, sexual orientation, gender, relationships, and communication and sexual function.

Bailey Counselling Therapy is a counselling practice that aims to use a creative counselling and education process to compassionately empower clients and the community to achieve holistic health. This counselling process will involve the skillful and principled use of relationship to facilitate self-knowledge, emotional acceptance, and growth and development of personal resources. The counselling process will aim to address the multidimensional domains that affect the health, wellness, and wellbeing of individuals. This includes the sensitive areas of sexual and reproductive health.

Vanessa Bailey is the primary registered clinical counsellor with the practice and a nurse. As a nurse Vanessa has worked in many different settings including labour and delivery, the Vancouver Island Women’s Clinic, and Island Sexual Health. Upon seeing the complexity of health needs she went on to pursue her Master’s in Counselling at University of Victoria.

Individuals who are interested in counselling may contact Vanessa at Bailey Counselling Therapy either by phone (250) 858-7770 or e-mail directly. You can also check out Vanessa’s website for more info.


Session rates will be charged at $100/hour. For people who have financial constraints and are unable to pay this full amount, another rate may be negotiated.

Please note that MSP coverage does not cover the cost of a counselling visit, it is a private fee for service practice.

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