What’s Frisky Business all about?

For a long time Island Sexual Health has sold condoms, birth control pills, oral dams, and the like. If you looked closely you might even see some vibrators, or a box with anal beads inside. We called this our “Product Sales Department” which is about as boring a name as you can think of. For the past few months we have quietly (and at some points loudly) started transforming this ugly duckling into a sexy swan, the new name? Frisky Business. Just a little bit more playful and cheeky than “Product Sales”, we’re still selling birth control and safer sex tools, but we’re adding so much more. We’ve ordered in many more products and even spruced up the place.

Playful and cheeky is exactly what we’re going for; but don’t let the name change fool you, Frisky Business is still part of Island Sexual Health. As part of ISH Frisky Business embodies our mission statement of creating diverse community that celebrates healthy sexuality throughout life. We believe in sexual expressions and experiences that are empowering, safe, and fun. So opening a sex shop, expanding and rebranding what we always offered, seemed like the logical way to expand these conservations and offer more to our clients.

Frisky Business isn’t just another sex shop, we pride ourselves on high quality products, lower mark-ups and sex-positive, knowledgeable, friendly staff. All the revenue from the shop goes back to support all the work of ISH including education, outreach and clinic services. So you end up feeling good in more ways than one.

We are trying to find the best ways to make everyone feel comfortable. Whether you’re coming in for low cost emergency contraceptive pills, yeast infection treatments, birth control pills or looking for a vibrator, cock-ring or butt plug, we want to make sure everyone feels safe and comfortable when they come into the store, just as they would in our clinics. We want to ensure that everyone can comfortably access tools and toys to fully experience their sexuality, if they chose to. As they say, “different, strokes for different folks”.

We’re having the grand opening of Frisky Business this Saturday November 28th from 4pm to 6pm at our main clinic at 101-3960 Quadra St. Join us for some appies, door prizes and discounted prices as we celebrate this new chapter for Island Sexual Health.

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