Sexuality Book List for Adults

 Adult Reading List (PDF)

As a sexual health organization, we often get asked to recommend books. The following books are a collection of the books we like and/or have been suggested to us. This is not by any means a perfect, exhaustive or prescriptive list and naturally each resource will hold more or less value depending on the reader. We encourage you to spend time exploring the many options and find those which work best for you and your needs. Of course, if you have some must reads to add, please send them our way!

In Victoria, we are so lucky to have a great library service and amazing booksellers where you will find many of these titles in store or be special order: Bolen Books, Munro’s Books, Russell Books, Tanner’s Books, and Ivy’s Bookshop and of course the usual online retailers as well.

General Sexual Wellness, Relationship, and Identity

  • S.E.X. By Heather Corrina
  • Oh Joy Sex Toy. Volumes 1-3 By Erika Moen
  • The Good Vibrations Guide to Sex. By Cathy Wink and Anne Semans
  • The Guide to Getting It On. By Paulo Joannides and Daerick Gross
  • Girl Sex 101. By Allison Moon and KD Diamond
  • Ecstasy is Necessary: A Practical Guide. By Barbara Carrellas
  • Opening Up. By Tristan Taormino
  • Sex from Scratch. By Sara Mirk
  • Passionista. By Ian Kerner
  • Trans Bodies, Trans Selves. By Laura Erickson-Schroth (editor)
  • Trans/Love: Radical Sex, Love and relationships Beyond the Gender Binary. By Morty Diamond.
  • By Helen Wildfell
  • The Sex Myth: The Gap Between our Fantasies and Reality. By Rachel Hills.
  • The Invisible Orientation: An introduction to Asexuality. By Julie Decker
  • The Ethical Slut. A practical guide to Polyamory. By Dossie Eaton & Janet Hardy.
  • More than Two: A practical guide to Ethical Polyamory. By Franklin Veaux and Eve Rickett
  • Playing Well With Others. By Lee Harrington.
  • Ultimate Guide to Kink. By Tristan Taormino
  • Mating in Captivity. By Esther Perel
  • Rewriting the Rules: An Integrative Guide to Love, Sex and Relationships. By Meg Barker

Enhancing Sexual Experiences

  • Sensuous Magic. By Pat Califia
  • The Erotic Mind. By Jack Morin.
  • Sex That Works. By Wendy Strgar
  • Multiorgasmic Woman. Multiorgasmic Man. Multiorgasmic Couple. By Mantak Chia and Rachel Carlton Abrams
  • Dick: A User’s Guide. By Dr. Michele C. Moore and Dr. Caroline Costa
  • Joy of Gay Sex. By Dr Charles Silverstein and Felice Picano.
  • The Whole Lesbian Sex Book: A Passionate Guide for All of Us. By Felicee Newman
  • Lesbian Sex Bible. By Diana Cage
  • She Comes First. By Ian Kerner
  • Sex Matters for Women: A complete guide to taking care of your sexual self. By Sallie Foley and Sally Kope.
  • Come As You Are. By Emily Nagoski.
  • Urban Tanta Sacred Sex For The 21st Century By Barbara Carrellas
  • Resurrecting Sex. By David Schnarch
  • The Big Book of Masturbation: From Angst to Zeal. By Martha Cornog
  • Sex For One. By Betty Dodson.
  • Wanting Sex Again. By Laurie Watson
  • The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability. By Cory Silverberg and Miriam Kaufman
  • Healing Painful Sex. By Deborah Coady and Nancy Fish
  • Vulvodynia Survival Guide. By Howard Glazer
  • Love in the time of Colic. By Ian Kerner
  • Sex and Cancer. By Saketh Guntapalli
  • A Guide to Intimacy with Sex Abuse Survivor. By Petra King
  • The Sexual Health Journey. By Wendy Maltz
  • Healing Sex. By Staci Haines
  • Getting Naked Again. By Judith Sills

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