Approachable Parent Workshop October 4th 6-8pm @ Victoria YMCA-YWCA

Parents need help with talking to their kids about sexual health

The call I received last week from a parent was perfect. What made it perfect was that the parent caller clearly stated what many parents struggle with. The parent said, “how do I make talking about s-e-x with my kids less awkward? Because it’s pretty awkward for all of us right now!” I hear this concern from parents all of the time and do my best to reassure them that the more parents talk to their kids about sexuality and sexual health, the less awkward it is! And the earlier we begin these conversations, the more comfortable we become with the topic – it becomes more of a “just how things are in our family” moment than a “la la la (fingers in ears) I can’t hear you” moment.

Recently, we held a series of youth focus groups at ISHS to find out how to make our services more youth friendly. One of the topics the youth brought up was talking to parents about sexual health. Many of the youth told us that they wished their parents talked more to them about sexual health as they were growing so the topic became more normal.

We believe in the importance of sexual health education for all, especially for parents. We want to help you become less awkward, possibly even comfortable, with the topic. we are working with the YMCA/YWCA to offer our Approachable Parent Workshop on Tuesday October 4th from 6-8:00 pm. Contact the Y at 250-386-7511 to register. 

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