World AIDS day-December 1, 2011.

 Since 1988, World AIDS day has been held every year on December 1st as a time for the world’s people, communities, and organizations to reflect, recognize, and act upon the HIV epidemic. In 2011, HIV continues to have a devastating impact on the lives of the millions of people infected and affected by the virus.

According to Canfar:

  • In 2008, there were approximately 3,300 new HIV infections and the rates are steadily rising, while they have leveled in the U.S.
  • 73,000 Canadians are HIV-positive.
  • More than a quarter of Canadians who are HIV-positive are not aware of their status.

At ISHS, we believe in the power of education, testing, and treatment to prevent HIV transmission and are proud to:

  • provide all types (including non-latex and external/insertive/female) of condoms and gloves and personal packages of water based lube for free at all of our locations
  • offer non-nominal (testing w/o a client’s name on the sample) HIV blood testing by requisition
  • offer education and information about HIV/AIDS
  • support  and refer to other amazing organizations such as AVI (AIDS Vancouver Island), VARCS (Victoria AIDS Resource and Community Service Society), and VPWAS (Vancouver Island Persons livina with HIV/AIDS Society)

5 ways you can support World AIDS day:

  1. Stop by our tables at Camosun College (lansdowne campus) and at UVic (MacLaurin Building). Get some info, a red ribbon, and barrier methods!
  2. Participate in the awesome community events taking place all over Vancouver Island. For a comprehensive listing, please check out AVI’s calendar of events.
  3. Use barrier methods and lube every time you have sex.
  4. Get tested and encourage the people in your life to get tested.
  5. Consider donating the great charities working to end HIV locally, nationally and globally.






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