Belmont High School Clinic Opens

Photograph of Island Sexual Health's Belmont school clinic entrance

In partnership with Belmont High School, we are very pleased to announce the opening of a sexual health clinic at Belmont beginning February 9th, 2012. The clinic will be open on Thursday afternoons between 12-4pm in the community resource room (where the public health nurse, Cheryle Taylor works out of) between room 115 and the counselling offices on the Jacklin Rd side of the building.

 The clinic will offer full sexual health services including:

  • Birth control (planned and emergency);
  • Pelvic, pap and genital exams; 
  • STI testing, treatment, and support;
  • Pregnancy testing and pro-choice options;
  • Safer sex supplies including condoms and
  •  Education

The clinic is open to all students currently enrolled in SD 62 (Sooke). Privacy is guaranteed.

All services are delivered by a RN certified in sexual health practice. There is no cost for services. Students are encourage to bring their carecards.

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