Sexual Health issues and federal election on October 19th, 2015

Picture reminding people to vote on Oct 19th.

Although it may seem that the election is a long way away; it really only leaves us 9 weeks to gather information on many topics: environment, health, education,human rights, foreign policy, childcare, family rights, abortion, poverty,indigenous peoples, immigration, justice, social wellbeing, gender equality, identity equality, accessibility and the economy to name a few. Our associates at Action Canada for Sexual Health and Rights have put together a series of helpful briefings on a variety of current and integral sexual and reproductive issues in Canada that may make it easier for voters to assess party platforms.

We really hope that everyone who is able to exercises their right to vote! Here’s some important info in case you’re not sure how to register to vote or you need more information on how to vote.

Picture reminding people to vote on Oct 19th.
Just a reminder to exercise your democratic right and vote in Canada’s federal election on October 19th.

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